Thursday, August 23, 2012

1662 BCP Morning and Evening Prayers

I was going to use for this site but Wordpress is a pay site and unfriend to the Logos Reference Tagger and other enhancements available for free.  The reason I am doing this blog site is my love for the devotions available in the Morning and Evening Prayer services in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.  I normally use Linda Howell's site for the 1662 Prayer Book but many of her links are broken in regards to the daily Scripture lessons and other features.  Although there are few typographical errors and wording errors there are a few of these that need correcting.  Be that as it may I will be posting over time a series of daily services, both morning and evening.

Furthermore, wherever there be errors in the Articles of Religion on Linda Howell's page I will be posting corrections here.  The purpose for this is to provide a site where those who are interested will be able to utilize a working devotional page dedicated to the 1662 BCP.  Also, a study series on the Catechism, the Homiles, and the Articles of Religion may be posted here or on my other blog at Reasonable Christian.

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